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Who We Are

We are yogis. We are meditators. We are artists. We are design gurus. We are entrepreneurs. We are marketing experts. We are champions of the business of yoga. We enable yoga and wellness entrepreneurs to shine their message brightly. At NamasteLight, we convey ideas and craft beautiful messages.

We offer a modern and intuitive email marketing platform that connects you with your students. We believe that yoga teachers and studios deserve to be abundant and we are here to support your dream. Yoga is raising the vibration, it’s healing the world. NamasteLight is raising the vibration of email marketing.

Why Namastelight?

Why 1

Compassionate Support

Whether you're just getting off the ground or growing like wild fire, we care about your message and your success. That's why we offer email, phone and live chat support to ensure you get the most out of NamasteLight.

Why 2

MINDBODY Integration

We're fully integrated with MINDBODY which means your contacts will automatically sync into your NamasteLight account, saving you time to focus on growing your business and doing what you love.

Why 3

Template Themes

Choose a custom designed yoga and wellness theme that resonates with you and your business. They're easy to use and will raise the vibration of your message.

Why 4

Make a Difference

We designed our Send Email, Plant Trees campaign to give conscious businesses like yours an opportunity to make a contribution. Every time you click "send", we'll plant a tree.

Our Tree
Planting Mission

It’s said that one mature leafy tree can produce enough oxygen to sustain 10 breathing people. That means that 100k trees can produce enough for a million of us. To make a change, business has to change.

We’re taking a new approach to email marketing. You send emails, we’ll plant trees. By choosing NamasteLight, you are making a difference, because every time you send your email campaign, we plant a tree. It’s that simple.


Together, we've planted over 70,000 trees. And we're just getting started!

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