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5 Ways Make Your Email Stand Out (in a Crowded Inbox)

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

5 ways to make your email stand out
As we've been discussing in this series... email marketing is hands down one of the BEST ways that you can grow your community and your biz.


Everyone is overrun with email. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to bet you get way more email than you actually read. So much so, that some never ever gets opened and a lot of it gets deleted.

In fact - I recently ran a productivity challenge where hundreds of entrepreneurs shared that they are SO OVERWHELMED by emails that they sometimes just declare email bankruptcy. Delete. All.

That, my friends, is what you are up against every single time you send an email!

To get people to actually open your email you need to be able to stand out in a very crowded inbox. To be able to cut through all other information people are being bombarded with.

So these days, just sending out generic emails (or generic ANYTHING) isn't enough. To actually build your business and reach your goals, you need to write emails that entice people to open them and that they actually read.

Every email should be building your know, like and trust factor while moving them towards engaging further with you.

Here are five tips to help you write emails that don’t suck and actually get noticed:

#1. Let Your Freak Flag Fly

How many totally boring emails do you get each day? Exactly. Sharing your personality and making your email a little more human is a great way to set yourself apart.

Write like you talk. Sprinkle in some personal details. Insert your quirky sense of humor. Yes, you are a professional, but that doesn’t mean your emails need to sound like they are coming from a robot!

Remember that the goal of ALL marketing is to help people get to know, like, and trust you. And like all relationships, you wanna be yourself if you're gonna attract the right people. So don't be afraid to write emails for your community just like you would to a friend.

#2. Engage and Inspire

In our crazy, busy lives, there’s something truly refreshing about email that will help us stop, take a deep breath and inspire us in the process. It's a break from all the demands and bad news. This is why studies consistently show that inspirational and uplifting emails get the most readership.

It could be as simple as offering up simple ideas to refresh and recharge while getting focused on gratitude or mindfulness. Or possibly sharing a personal story about your transformation, an a-ha moment or something that simply changed your life.

Another great option to help inspire your readers is using stories from your community. What successes or wins has one of your clients experienced? How did they reach a big goal? That’s a reason for celebration and you can provide a place to share that story while inspiring your readers!

#3. Answer the BIG Questions

No matter what type of business you run, there’s always questions that come up over and over. Those provide powerful clues as to the type of content your audience really needs. Because if multiple people ask a question, guaranteed a lot more people in your community are wondering the same thing.

If you are stuck for ideas, questions are the perfect place to start. Create a list of the top 5 to 10 questions your clients or prospective clients ask.

Turn each one of those questions into a newsletter article and you’re all set. Start keeping track of questions as they happen to keep a finger on the pulse of your community and for future ideas.

#4. Have Purpose

Think of your regular emails to your community like you're planting a seed and watching it grow. Your emails should have a specific intention that is ties to the bigger picture in your business.

What programs and retreats do you have coming up? What are you currently enrolling for? Get clear on how your email content can nurture your community and get them excited about what's on the horizon.

Every email you send should be teasing them with a little taste of what's coming next! And well written emails can help keep them coming back for more. The key is to know what your overarching goal is and to focus on just ONE call to action per email.

Your weekly newsletter should have one (at the very most two) short articles and a crystal clear call to action. Do you want them to read something? Sign up for something? Ask you questions? Be specific in what their next steps are and start to watch your engagement grow!

#5. Consistency Rules

If you want your emails to actually get opened, you need to be consistent. Studies show that if people aren’t used to getting email from you, they don’t open or read your email. In my experience - weekly emails are the MOST successful for turning community into paying clients.

If you aren’t convinced and are thinking of just sending a monthly email, keep this in mind - monthly emails have the highest unsubscribe rates.

Weekly email newsletters have higher readership and lower unsubscribes, which means your community is more apt to read your content and engage with you.

Select a day each week to send out your newsletters and get onto a schedule so you send it out every week on that day. Consistency is key here. Set up a routine so that the email gets written, proofread and scheduled every week and carve out time on your calendar.

Which one of these tips can you apply to your email marketing starting today? Share in the comments below.

Love + Gratitude,

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