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LightWorker Interview Series :: with Wendy De Rosa

Thursday, March 07, 2013

We recently sat down with our friend and client, Wendy De Rosa, and asked her 5 questions on her work, becoming more intuitive and her experience growing a small business.

Briefly tell us about the work you're doing in the world?

Many people are very sensitive. What wasn’t necessarily taught to us is that sensitivity is actually a strength. We learned as children that we have a physical anatomy, but we also have an energetic anatomy and when we understand how our energy works in the body, we are able to feel empowered instead of overly-sensitive. The work that I do in the world is to provide the nurturing and education that may not have been taught around sensitivity, intuition, spiritual nourishment, healing and personal empowerment. I’ve worked with thousands of people over the past 16 years helping them clear the energetic blocks in their system so that they can live more fully. Currently, my mission is to teach people self-healing and how to tap into their in-born gifts of intuition (because we all have it!).

How do your teachings reflect in the way you market, grow and manage your business?

I have never been one to overly promote myself actually, and marketing is something I am still learning. My business grew over the years through word of mouth and currently I am having to educate myself on marketing skills and get some infrastructures in place. Over the years, referrals have called saying things like “my friend told me ‘You HAVE to see Wendy’”. So, the work speaks for itself and the results shine through to their friends/family, and then people call for a session wanting that same feeling. I work with Divine energy and I believe that if you stay aligned to your truth and service in the world, those who need it, will show up.  However, as of late, I am realizing that the message and healing I have to offer can be more widely reached. So, I have just started to market around the country. I love Namaste Interactive because I have always felt you guys operate from a similar intention and alignment, and you really do feel that integrity come through in marketing. That’s important to me in getting the message out- that I’m not putting fluff out there, rather true and clear support to the community that is practical for them and presented with a really good feeling. The beautiful newsletters help with that.

Can you share what some of the initial steps are to becoming more intuitive?

Yes, first Grounding.  We cannot tune in, quiet the mind or hear our intuition if we are ungrounded. For grounding, you can slow your pace down, get more rest, eat slowly and choose healthy food. Yet, energetically you can also ground yourself. Here’s how: Close your eyes and feel your feet flat on the ground. Then imagine you have a very long beam of light or tree trunk-like image that goes from your hips to the center of the earth. This is your Grounding Cord. See it very strong and feel yourself rest on that tree stump and let the earth hold you up. Grounding takes surrendering to gravity. Breathe deeply, and continue to do so until your body settles down. It could take 10 minutes before you feel the deep currents in your body slow down.  This drops your energy from your head (where thoughts could be scattered) to your lower body where you can connect to the deeper voice within.

Another step is learning to identify your emotions. That may seem obvious, but in my experience with clients, many people were not given permission to feel their feelings. As a result, those feelings get stuffed down. Well, guess what? Those suppressed feelings have a voice; for example, the voice of fear, the voice of worry, the voice of anger, and the inner critic. This is probably the most common confusion around intuition. People say to me “how do I know if it’s my intuition or my head?” Well, these feelings are what make the ungrounded and crazy thoughts in the mind and cloud intuition. Being able to separate out the emotions (and process them through) is one of the biggest steps in developing stronger intuition. Our intuition is most felt after we have processed an emotion.

There are many more steps, but I’ll conclude with this one: Follow your heart. It sounds cliché, but your heart where you feel your calling. It will always call you to life experiences that return fulfillment to you. It may not always make sense or seem practical, but the heart is not rational. It requires courage to hear your heart’s calling and act on it. It’s the strength of the core that will give you the confidence to know that you have all the resources to catch yourself if you fall. Tuning into the heart is a practice in itself. Free writing, breathing, praying, being with children, inspiring experiences, are all ways to open the heart. I’ll leave it hear for now and I discuss so much more about intuitive development in my Healer Training Program:

What role does intuition play in the shaping of an individuals path and work?

Some of the most prominent CEO’s have said that some of the successful decisions they have made came from a gut feeling and not the rational mind. I do believe the rational mind is necessary, but in order for us to be whole people, we can’t negate the fact that we have an entire other thinking brain in the body. We know it as instincts, gut feelings or intuition. Either way, we make truer, healthier and more sustainable decisions if we tune into our intuition around decisions in life. Whether this applies to business or to personal life, taking a pause and tuning into intuition or that gut feeling is going to save you so much scattered time and energy. Intuition is the voice of our soul, and if we want to live fulfilled in life, we have to make room for that voice to shine through in our lives. It is, after all, what guides us on our life path. We can live disconnected from that voice, and wake up one day wondering where all the time went, or we can tune in and feel engaged with purpose and meaning in life. Intuition is such an innate and powerful part of us, and it’s no longer a closet topic of conversation. So, in my opinion, getting really keen on intuition and tuning into it can really help us live more meaningful lives.

What was your experience working with NamasteLight and our team?

I signed up with NamasteLight wearing 2 hats- one being a healer and the other being a business owner. That juggle can be very overwhelming for me. So, already juggling so much, I was a bit frazzled with now taking on technical changes. The team at NamasteLight was incredibly calm, professional, efficient and intuitive! When it came to my newsletter design, it seemed as if you organized the photos and layout in such a way that accurately captured the essence of who I am. It was really refreshing to feel that the team got me. I found Jessica and the team to be thorough, clear and had terrific follow through. I also enjoyed visiting the office and seeing how much you all walk your talk and it shows up in your company's mission. You took the time with me to listen and share your ideas on what would help me moving forward. I am really grateful for that time. It shows how much your hearts are in the work that you do and that means a lot to me when choosing a company to work with. Thank you for all you do!

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