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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A few months ago, I was on Twitter {talking about my favorite topics - entrepreneurship + mindful marketing} when a response popped up to one of my tweets: I'm confused... I thought email was dead? Isn't social media where it's at?

One single tweet summed up the frustrations that many heart-centered entrepreneurs face when it comes to marketing their business.

There are so many options... so many ways you can grow and connect with your community... but after the past 6 years of mentoring thousands of yogis, I know one thing to be true:

Smart Yogipreneurs LOVE Email Marketing!

Successful entrepreneurs know that social media trends come and go. This year it's Instagram. Last year it was Pinterest. Who knows what it will be in 2015!

While these shiny social media tools are lots of fun {and who doesn't love a good Instagram Yoga Challenge?}, the research continues to prove email marketing outperforms social media, blogging, and driving all over town hanging up flyers.

Here's an amazing stat - a link sent via email will be opened up to 10-20X more than if it's just posted on social media.

So if you have 1000 Facebook followers and only 5-10% are seeing your post, you may have 20 peeps actually click on your link.

But sending that link out to your email list of 1000 peeps and 50% open that email, you may have over 200 people click that same link.

That could be the difference between selling out your next yoga workshop or sitting alone in a studio feeling sorry for yourself.


Enough to get you thinking, right?

As a mindful marketer, you're here to serve your community to the max. And that's why over the coming months, I'm excited to partner with NamasteLight to share a brand new series of articles about how you can leverage email marketing to attract, grow, and nurture your community.

But before I tell you about how my amazing student completely booked out her first ever yoga teacher training with just a few emails {seriously - she didn't even get past the early bird!}...

Or how another student filled her entire Tuscan yoga retreat almost a year in advance...

I wanna hear from you! Take 5 and respond to our quick survey so I can customize this entire series to you.

Can't wait to dive in and help you show your community more love, love, crazy love {via email of course!}!

Love + Gratitude,

About Racheal Cook

Racheal Cook wants to live in a world where heart-centered entrepreneurs have the mentorship and tools they need to bring their world-changing ideas to life.

As the Founder of The Yogipreneur, she's been behind the scenes helping Yoga Alliance, International Association of Wellness Professionals, Curvy Yoga, and over 500 inspiring yogis create profitable businesses they are proud of. Her work has been featured on Smart Passive Income, The Rise to the Top, Juicy Geniuses, Abundant Yogi LIVE, and Lady Business Radio.

When she's not helping yogis design sustainable businesses, you can find her on enjoying lots of restorative yoga {aka taking naps}, reading everything she can get her hands on, and capturing life with her three children and furbaby on Instagram.

Her first book - The Yogipreneur's Guide to Your Sweet Yoga Career - hits Amazon in 2014!

Discover how to turn your dream into inspired action at!

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