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LightWorker Interview Series :: with Jason Jacobson

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

There are a handful of companies in the yoga market who are true rising stars. My Yoga Online is one of those companies! That is why we were thrilled to interview MYO's founder, Jason Jacobson. Jason made the switch to NamasteLight over a year ago and we're excited to share some of Jason's secrets to success with you!

1. Can you briefly tell us about the MYO mission?

Our mission at My Yoga Online: Empowering the world to attain balance through innovative media and conscious community. Our core values are: Consciousness, Quality, Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, and Wellness.

2. How does being a yoga practitioner effect the way you market, manage and grow your company?

There is a delicate balance between the business aspects of promoting a wellness company and the yoga ethics component. Yogis are very aware individuals that take their own personal values very seriously and as a result, if they see a yoga brand not adhering to these common values, they will quickly dismiss that brand. We work hard to find that balance of promoting and developing our brand while maintaing and staying true to our core values.

3. What have been some of the keys to your success in building a strong brand?

I feel the two greatest keys to building a strong brand go back to our mission and core values, and that is to create quality content and develop and evolve our community. If we can continue to develop quality content with expert teachers and use our growing yoga community to spread the word and share this content, I feel we are doing the best we can to help grow our brand with integrity and quality.

4. How do you continue to create value for your users now the recognized leader in online streaming yoga?

It comes down to community and customization. By bringing more and more yogis together in one place to share and communicate with each other regarding their practice and the content on My Yoga Online, we are in essence creating a true yoga community. By serving this content in more convenient ways to our users, via various forms of customization, we are able to make the content more accessible and easy to use and as a result a much more fulfilling user experience.

5. What tips or insights can you share that have contributed to your success in growing your audience?

Perseverance is a big component of our growth. Seeing no obstacles in our growth. Just pushing forward and believing whole heartedly in our product and goals was and is a necessary component to our continued growth. This, combined with continually building quality content and expanding our community both online and offline all contribute to growing our audience.

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