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LightWorker Interview Series :: with Mary Clare Sweet

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What an honor it was to speak with Mary Clare, founder of Lotus House of Yoga (four beautiful yoga studios based in Nebraska) as part of our LightWorker Interview Series. We have been fans of MC for some time and love her progressive approach to growing her business and building the Lotus House community. We hope her insights and wisdom provides huge value to all of you!

1. Can you briefly tell us how you view the work you are doing in the world?

Fun, fun, and more fun! I view the work we do at Lotus House of Yoga as building an empire of love and light through joy. The way we walk is founded in love and inspired by infinite possibility. Each day we ask "how can i serve?" and "how can i share more love?". We have neighbors the world wide who can use our help everyday. We challenge ourselves to be our BEST and walk with a radiant light. With the foundation of love and an openness to infinite possibility nothing becomes to big to handle. When I feel overwhelmed, I know that it is simply the universe sharing abundance all at once.

2. How does being yoga teacher reflect in the way you market, grow and manage your business?

Being a yoga teacher reflects in my management style in the belief that this is about people not about money. When working with staff or students I first look people in the eyes. I don't believe in sitting across a desk and I prefer to have meetings sitting on the floor on yoga mats! My students trust is paramount and that begins with honesty. We do not do any traditional advertising or marketing. Our impressions through email must be engaging, precise, and fun. I like our emails to feel like the energy of the studio; bright, modern, and joyful.

3. Can you share some of your core philosophies with relation to building a culture in your studios?

Joy is our core. As a staff we are constantly coming back to our mission of. "Do all things in love.". When students walk into Lotus House of Yoga for the first or five hundredth time, they get a huge welcome and hug. Every human is connected by the desire to give and to receive love, and that starts with authentic communication. Everyone is included and invited, there is no exclusivity. We build a culture based on the principles of compassion, discipline, and fun.

4. How have you been able to maintain and stay true to your vision as you open new studios?

Our business is a team effort. Our team regularly engages in activities outside the yoga studio which gives us space to share feedback and innovate new ideas for the studio and our classrooms. Spending time like this keeps us accountable to our vision. It also helps us step out of the "yoga bubble" that can confine and limit our vision. I look for ways to evolve our business, but never past our identity as a vinyasa yoga studio. It is tempting to be everything to everyone, especially as we expand to new cities. We adhere to our strengths and our core principles which keeps us on our path.

5. What tools or systems have been most useful in your success?

NamasteLight provides three key features that make it our only virtual communication with students. First, NamasteLight's tree planting mission shows how conscious business can happen in every sector of the economy. It is a simple, clear, and committed plan to create sustainable change for our future generations. Everyone should know about this and use NamasteLight because of it. Second, the user friendly interface makes it easy to send important studio information quickly. The steps to creating a creative and effective message takes no time at all, leaving us more time to spend teaching and practicing yoga. Third, NamasteLight designed an email template just for Lotus House of Yoga. It feels special and unique to have a platform that is just for Lotus. I love that when students get communication from us, joy is infused into the design of the email. This is only possible because the team at NamasteLight took such care and consciousness in their work.

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