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Greetings Bhakti Posse

GreetingsWelcome to the new improved MC Yogi Newsletter. Thanks to my good friends at Namaste Interactive, now I can keep you updated about new music, videos, concerts and yoga workshops. The inspiration behind my work has always been to help promote and celebrate yoga as a way of life. Yoga allows us to see the One hidden in the many, experiencing the underling unity within diversity, so that we can feel more connected to ourselves and each other. The word Bhakti means Devotion, Bhakti Posse, means Holy company, being in the presence of Truth Seekers. Hanging out with Yogi's is such a great way to be reminded of the fact that Spirit is shining everywhere. I hope you'll enjoy all the music and art that we've put together for you. Thanks for being apart of the Global Bhakti Posse, sending out a huge wave of Love!!! Namaste.

peace in peace out
your homie

MC Yogi


Elephant Power MC Yogi - Elephant Power

Give the gift of Elephant Power
MC Yogi's debut album features
an all-star cast of Kirtan singers
including: Krishna Das, Jai Uttal,
& Bhagavan Das. Buy now

Om VibrationMC Yogi - Om Vibration

Enjoy this free MP3 track,
a continuous Om perfect for
yoga & meditation.


Grassroots Movement MC Yogi - Grassroots Movement

Download the track that inspired
over a million hours of volunteer
work in local communities all
over the country!

Download track now



MC Yogi - Chakra Beatbox
Check out this new animated video to get your chakra's spinning.

Fresh Press


MC Yogi in the New York Times!

MC Yogi's over-the-top performance at the Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe, CA, captures the attention of the New York Times.

"Perhaps no performer embodied the Wanderlust ethos more than MC Yogi, a San Franciscan who practiced yoga in Adidas shell toes, which didn’t stop him from putting his leg over his shoulder. He beatboxed over the om chant, and with the help of some stilt-walkers, led a parade from an arm-balancing class on Sunday to the stage underneath the gondolas, where he did a yogacentric hip-hop show."

"Say namaste!" he shouted into the mike. "How many of you think Ganesh is fresh?” Lined up on their yoga mats, the members of his audience threw their hands in the air. “We’re going to go old school – 4,000 years back," MC Yogi promised, with intention. "Y’all ready to shake your asana?"

Read full article

What's Up

MC Yogi's 30th Birthday

birthday poster

Click for larger view


Afro Funke
Thurs Aug. 6th
Santa Monica, CA
Shiva Rea, MC Yogi, Gaura Vani, & friends

Bhakti Bar
Sat Aug. 8th
San Francisco, CA
Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Gaura Vani, & Tina Malia

MC Yogis 30th Birthday Party
Sat Aug. 22
Point Reyes, CA
MC Yogi & friends, with DJ Dragonfly

Bhakti Fest
Fri-Sun Sept. 11-13th,
Joshua Tree, CA
MC Yogi, Robin Livingston (Bhakti Brothers) & DJ Drez

Fri-Sun. Oct. 9-11,
Western Massachusetts
Workshop and concert with MC Yogi, Amanda & Robin Livingston

Yoga Class

Check out MC Yogi's studio in Northern California

Tues & Thurs 6-7:30pm
Sun Service 10-11:30am
@ Renew Yoga Studio,
Petaluma. CA

Cool Art

I'm always on the lookout for cool art and design check out this fresh graffiti piece I found. Jai Ganesh!!!

birthday poster


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