Sianna's Journey into 2013
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Sianna Sherman


picToday I am returning from a week in Maui, where the spirit of Aloha permeates the island in all of nature. Hawaiian words are layered with many meanings just like a Sanskrit word. The word Aloha can mean: Hello, Good-bye, Love, Breath of Life, and the Presence of Breath. It offers a diverse terrain of understanding and the more you launch into the etymology of the word, the more possibility unfolds. Over the past week on the island, I encountered an array of microclimates and changing sceneries. On one side of the island, it is more rugged and sun-drenched while the other side is incredibly lush with the clouds hanging low as a fine mist. The changing climates remind me of the changing seasons in my own life. Each microclimate calls me to a new perspective and each change in the terrain shows me yet another face of the Great Mother.

In February 2005, I journeyed in my car across the country with my father when I spontaneously decided to move to San Francisco, CA. My father and I shared in a soul journey together on that drive and he helped me start over in a new place where I only knew a few people. As soon as I landed, I received an incredibly generous welcome by Saraswati Clere, the owner of Yoga Kula. Saraswati poured her heart into welcoming me and gave me an opportunity to re-establish myself within a most beautiful community of practitioners and teachers. Among these was Abby Tucker, a truly gifted yoga teacher and leader, who became my deep abiding friend through every climatic change for the next 8 years. There were so many people who helped me get my feet back on the ground in this time of huge transition. I am grateful to each of you, far beyond the words that I can write here.

Now the winds of change have caught hold of my spirit sails once again. I joyfully share with you my news: I am moving to Santa Monica, CA with my husband Theodore Kyriakos and we are beginning a new life together. A force of the southern sun started tugging on our hearts several months ago after our wedding and now we are jumping into a new river of the Shakti’s play. I feel the simultaneous sadness of leaving my Bay Area friends and community along with the uprising thrill of moving with my beloved to our new home. It feels like traveling from one side of the island to the other, and I trust this tug in our hearts is the directive of the MahaShakti guiding us fully.

There are so many of you in the Bay who are my family, my soul friends and my best companions along the way. Thank you each and all for your heart fire friendship. There are many I wish to name but I must at least sing a song of praise to these outrageous Bay Area teachers on the planet that I have joined in sacred collaboration with at festivals, conferences and trainings over the last 8 years. All of you have forever imprinted my entire being: Amanda Giacomini, Mc Yogi, Shakti Sunfire, Janet Stone, Hareesh Wallis, Kenny Graham, Jason Nemer, Scott Blossom, Jenny Sauer Klein, Abby Tucker, Jeremy Simon, Marni Sclaroff, Stacey Rosenberg, Darcy Lyon, Christopher Tompkins and many more. Thank you Tara and Tim Dale of Yoga Tree for hosting me many gracious times, Yoga Journal for all your outstanding work on the planet (Elana, Kaitlin, Renee and Alden), Kathleen Holm of Aha yoga for your inspiration, Rusty Wells for the bhakti family of Urban Flow and Yoga Kula for always keeping the doors wide open to me!

Beginning in April, I will be teaching local classes in Santa Monica and offering more extensive trainings in the LA area. Thank you Christi Christensen of Exhale Yoga for inviting me to teach at her soulful studio near the beach and to my Yoga Glo family that I will be more near.

I bow in full pranam to each of you, to the exquisite community of the Bay Area, and to the majesty of the redwood trees.

Hail to the Mother, Jai Ma!
May I hear Her guidance every day of this embodied life.



Mythic Flow Yoga


The Mythic Yoga Flow asana of the month is Natarajasana. "Nata" means dance and "raja" means king. The basic translation is the King of the Dance, the Lord of the Dance or the Lord as the Cosmic Dancer. This famous dance of Shiva Nataraja resides in the tillai forest of Tamil Nadu in the South Indian temple of Chidambaram. Chidambaram means both "sky of consciousness" and "clothed in consciousness". This temple represents the element of ether, called akasha. When we take the form of Natarajasana, we learn to relax into the sway of our balance, stabilize our foundation and tremendously empower the opening of our hearts through the upper body. The dancer's asana is one of the most vital symbols of yoga mythology and holds many of the essential teachings. The powers of Creation, Sustenance, Dissolution, Concealment and Revelation are all expressed in this iconic image. Commit to the practice and enjoy the dance all along the way!


Sacred Journey


March 16-23
Pranamar Villas
Costa Rica

Each day begins with meditation, story-telling and up-tempo asana in the morning. The afternoon focus will be on meditative, hip-opening asana and grounding the myths in our every day lives for transformation and healing. Theodore Kyriakos, our special guest, will guide us on an inner journey each afternoon in exploration of the myth coming to life in each one of us.

To Register:
Theodore Kyriakos
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Deepen Your Practice


Awakening Heart Intensive
Yoga Union
Portland, Oregon

April 12-14
June 6-8
September 20-22
December 13-15

Deepen your yoga practice in 2013 in a journey that honors the multi-faceted jewel of sadhana, our spiritual practices for awakening the heart. Each weekend will be steeped in the practices of asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation and the overall integration of Tantra in our every day lives. Special guest teachers will offer their passionate voices and masterful teachings in the course of every weekend. We will gather on Saturday evenings for satsang, kirtan, and ritual. There will be webinars with Sianna between each gathering and a soulful connection of community to enliven our hearts, illuminate our minds and remind us that our embodiment is the greatest of gifts.

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Journey through the cardinal directions and the four main elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. An inspiring 75 minute all levels yoga flow.

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The Yoga Barn
March 8-10
Ashville, NC
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Yoga Kula
March 30
San Francisco
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Big River Yoga
April 5-7
Minneapolis, MN
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Abhaya Yoga
April 26-28
Brooklyn, NY
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Yoga Immersion Ireland
May 1
Dublin, Ireland
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Tri Yoga
May 3-8
London, England
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Devin Yoga
May 14-15
Basel, Switzerland
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Delight Yoga
May 17-19
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Mythic Yoga Flow
March 26
San Francisco, CA
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Sianna's Farewell to the Bay Class

Before Moving to LA
Heart Fire Sadhana
with Shantala and Thedore Kyriakos
March 30, 2013





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